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President's Blog - January 2007

"It's a special event, that you don't want to miss..."

Have you heard the 'OTC' jingle on the radio yet? If not, you will...  It's that catchy, new commercial that radio personalities, country music artists, and truckers are all talking about. Maybe you've seen an 'OTC' advertisment in a trucking publication, a brochure at a truck stop, or a billboard on the Interstate.

What is the 'OTC' and why is it a "special event"?

You already know about MATS in Louisville and GATS in Dallas... well, get ready for a new Industry trade show produced by to be held in February in sunny Orlando, geared toward empowering truckers and helping them become more successful. In 2007, the 'OTC' is scheduled for February 16-18 at the Orange County Convention Center. The exposition portion will be held during the February 17-18 weekend.

"...the Orlando Truckers Conference, you'll learn how to make money..."

The theme of the 'OTC' is to help drivers learn secrets that carrier executives know; that is, how to make big money in trucking. The 'OTC' offers free seminars like 'how to get motor carrier authority', 'how to find freight' and 'how to set freight rates'. There will also be fee for service mandatory
training programs for supervisors (reasonable suspicion) and entry-level drivers.

Who's going to be at the 'OTC'? Well, 2004  Male Vocalist of the Year Jason McCoy and the "Road Hammers" for starters, not to mention thousands of truckers, government regulators, and up to 100 exhibitors offering products and services of interest to truckers. If you've been thinking about starting your own business and making real money in trucking, then this is the show for you.

"...Truck parking and a concert are free..."

Big Rig parking is free and the "Road Hammers" will be performing on the show floor and on Saturday night, February 17th, for pre-registered attendees who hold valid CDLs. It's's way of thanking the trucking Industry for making it the nation's premier transportation management consulting firm.

The OTC is all about professional development, entertainment and networking. chose sunny Orlando because of the climate and area attractions. It's a great chance to learn how to improve your quality of life and treat your family to a magical getaway. To learn more about the OTC, visit or call TOLL FREE (888) 414-1874.

"...So get yourself a load, and meet me at the 'OTC'!"

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