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Get Your Own Interstate Operating Authority for $700
Commercial motor vehicles weighing more than 10,000 pounds that operate as for-hire motor carriers of regulated commodities in interstate commerce are required to possess a unique motor carrier ("MC") number and be marked with a unique, identifying DOT number issued to the motor carrier by the Federal Department of Transportation. Only one DOT number and one MC Number per company is required. Thirty-two of the fifty states have adopted the DOT Number requirement insofar as intrastate operations (point-to-point within these states) is concerned. Twenty-eight states require state operating authority. is a private, third-party provider offering services for a fee. This is a commercial solicitation and advertisement. is NOT affiliated with any government authority.



Processing time is normally just 3-4 weeks... You can start the Interstate Authority application process RIGHT NOW through our website. Just choose which service you would like to order below and complete our on-line order form and use our secure shopping cart and credit card (we accept VISA, MASTERCARD & AMERICAN EXPRESS) payment system.


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Upon receipt of your order and payment (to pay by money order or business check call us TOLL FREE at (888) 414-1874 or send us an email) we will immediately move forward with your application. Once your insurance is filed, you will be operational in just 3-4 weeks (longer for passenger and household goods carriers).

The $700 Fee includes:

  • The Official Electronic OP-1 Application & $300 Federal Filing Fee

  • Your USDOT Number

  • Your MC Number

  • A $400 Service Fee that includes your Electronic BOC-3 Filing, which is a listing of Process Agents for all 50 States and Licensed Transportation Practitioner Representation

W A R N I N G: Individuals representing themselves as transportation "permit consultants" charge as much as $850 for this service. Beware offers to secure authority at low rates as there have been reports of fraudulent activity by 'fly-by-night' service providers. To protect yourself against licensing scams, use only a USDOT (STB) Licensed Practitioner. To start the Interstate Authority application process, click on one of the buttons below or give us a call TOLL FREE at (888) 414-1874 or send us an email.


  USDOT (STB) Practitioner Filing $700
The application fee for interstate motor carrier authority through is just $700 . Includes USDOT Number, MC (ICC) Number & BOC-3 Process Agents for all 50 states. You must also secure insurance and pay your annual UCR state registration. Same-day electronic filings by a USDOT (STB)-Licensed Transportation Practitioner. Beware Unlicensed Practitioners. Ask our competitors what qualifies them to handle your application and serve as your representative. Our USDOT (STB) Practitioner will correct any errors on your questionnaire, provide extra guidance to ensure you apply for the correct authority, and file your application electronically to avoid rejection and additional fees. Filing through a USDOT- (STB) Licensed Practitioner is like going to a Certified Public Accountant to file your taxes. We'll represent you before USDOT. If they have a problem with your application, they will be required to call us. We know how to deal with the DOT because, well, we used to be the DOT!

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