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Now that you have been to you know that Trucking Starts Here! is becoming one of the best portals to the trucking industry and we know how to reach our clients. If you really want to increase business, jump on the band wagon (or freightliner) and advertise on

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  • #1 Trucking Services Website specializes in assisting truckers in licensing, permitting, consulting, and training but also offers a number of other services such as the Violation & Audit Defense Plan.
  • #1 Sponsor Results for,, and
    For those who are looking to become licensed, continually maintains the top sponsorship spots for the most notable search engines. Keywords such as “DOT Authority”, “DOT Number”, “ICC Authority,” and “MC Number” routinely display first!
  • advertises in numerous Trucking Publications
    The more advertises its name, the more advertises your name!
  • TruckersEdge-the Load Board’s co-branded “TruckersEdge”, powered by TransCore, is a marketplace for truckers to find available loads. In order to find available loads, users must first sign up and become members. Since there is a small fee, these members will utilize these services as much as possible. Since the sign up page is accessible via, users will be visiting the website on a regular basis.
  • Free Email is the only company of its kind that offers free email accounts to truckers. There are currently over 1,600 registered users who rely on for web-based email that they can access while on the road. They log in through


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For a limited time, we are offering ad space on our website for as low as $150/month.  We also offer ad space on our Load Board and E-Mail pages as well.  Ask about how you can advertise on all our pages.  If you are interested or have questions please contact and he’ll be more than happy to send you over any information you might need. 

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